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Speech Pathology for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Penrith, Oran Park, Bella Vista & Kingswood

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder which can affect a person’s communication ability and social skills. It may include repetitive actions, obsessive interests and other behaviours which differ across individuals depending on the nature of their Autism. Another defining factor of Autism is the impact it has on speech and language. The team at Chatterbox Speech Pathology are experienced in treating speech problems related to Autism. Each treatment style and program must be tailored to suit the individual and this is something Chatterbox Speech Pathology recognises and implements.   

What Speech Problems Might Someone with Autism Experience?

One of the defining factors of Autism is difficulty with language comprehension, speech and non- verbal communication. This means that the individual might experience difficulty with social interaction. Speech Therapy can work to address the issues experienced.

Speech Problems

Autism differs greatly in symptoms and severity. The list below describes speech problems that may be experienced by people with Autism.  

  • Express themselves using shrieks, cries, loud sounds or shouting.
  • Speak in a monotone way, saying valid sentences but lacking expression.
  • Babble words or hum musically.
  • Some people with Autism are entirely non-verbal.

Communication Problems

People with Autism are also likely to experience difficulty communicating with others. A person with Autism may experience some or all of the following communication challenges which can be managed by a Speech Pathologist.

  • Poor conversational skills including no eye contact.
  • Difficulty understanding the meaning of conversation.
  • Difficulty with comprehending language spoken to them.
  • Not knowing how to hold a conversation.

How can Speech Therapy Assist people with Autism?

Speech Pathologists should be included in the treatment plan for people with Autism due to their expertise in the area of language and speech.Speech Pathologists work with people of all ages with Autism to find the best way to improve their communication skills.  

An important consideration is that the Speech Pathologist tailors their treatment to suit the individual. At Chatterbox Speech Pathology, the experienced and thoughtful team understand the complexities of Autism and the individuality of each patient. Therefore, the treatment provided is carefully planned in order to achieve improvements in the patient’s quality of life.  

What Treatment do Speech Pathologists use to treat Autism?

  • Expanding vocabulary and speech sounds.
  • Typing or signing.
  • Using picture boards to help the person communicate.
  • Improving articulation of speech.
  • Develop conversation skills.
  • Learn social norms and speech conventions to aid in social skills and communication.

Speech Therapy is an important part of the management of Autism. It can aid in the development of communication and social skills to improve the patient’s quality of life.

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