Autism across the Lifespan: An update on all things Autism


Professor Jacqueline Roberts

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25th - 26th September 2014
Broncos Leagues Club
98 Fulcher Road, Red Hill


29th - 30th September 2014
(Monday - Tuesday)
Ibis Hotel
15-21 Therry St, Melbourne


2nd - 3rd October 2014
(Thursday - Friday)
Penrith Panthers
Cnr Ransley St and Mulgoa Rd,


1 day: $295 (Earlybird)

2 days: $495 (Earlybird)

(Earlybird closes on the 11th September for all venues)
Add an additional $88 if registering after earlybird.

Registration: 8:30am
Workshop: 9am - 4pm

Day 1:

What do you tell your families who have a child with a diagnosis of ASD?

  • Know your statistics, in order to empower your families with up to date evidence based information about prevalence, aetiology, genotypes and phenotypes.
  • Intervention outcomes for those diagnosed with ASD. Longitudinal studies discuss the outcomes for intervention at preschool and school and the current literature on prognosis as people enter adulthood.
  • What issues and concerns are we likely to need to deal with when working with families?

Early Intervention for Children with ASD

  • Early intervention programs available for ASD? Which ones really work and why?
  • Dosage? How much is enough? What does the evidence say?
  • Evidence based strategies for use in clinical practice; improve outcomes for the children on your caseload with ASD.

Funding—there is a lot out there!

  • Experience of families and professionals so far.
  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) update. What’s the latest?
  • Helping children with Autism (HCWA) update. What’s the latest?


Day 2:

Assessment and intervention for COMMUNICATION and SOCIAL characteristics of ASD:

  • An outline of communication characteristics in children with ASD
  • An outline of social characteristics in children with ASD
  • Practical strategies to develop these skills in children with ASD
  • Taking the perspective of people on the Autism Spectrum.

Autism through school and beyond......

  •  Support for school aged children with ASD. What models of service delivery and support are out there? What works; benefits and negatives? What does the evidence say?
  • Transition to post school? What do we know about what works?
  • What are the outcomes, opportunities and support available for employment, community living and policy for young people on the autism spectrum?