Adele Goudis

Adele Goudis

Adele is a bubbly, warm and friendly clinician. She is a great communicator who loves to talk, meet new people and work with them to achieve their personal goals. She is organised, always prepared for a challenge and will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Adele feels that children make coming to work a fun, positive and worthwhile experience. She loves the creativity and energy that children bring to each day. Adele is passionate about helping others and loves the rewarding feeling of knowing she was able to bring a smile to someone’s face, help them with something they have found difficult or achieve a goal. She has seen first-hand how special it is when a child is able to say that difficult sound or read an entire paragraph without stuttering, this motivates her to always strive to help her families achieve their outcomes and goals.

Adele has a huge passion for all areas of Speech Pathology and a particular interest in early speech and language, stuttering and literacy for school aged children. Adele has had experience in private practice working with early language, speech, fluency, literacy and feeding. She has gained experience working in adult disability as well as in a hospital setting for adults focusing on speech and language.

A fun fact about Adele is she used to compete at a National level in swimming her main event was the 400m Individual Medley. She has been to Europe four times, has two dogs, a bird with one leg and a weird obsession with glitter!

In her spare time Adele enjoys spending time with her family and friends, sweating it out at the gym, tanning and swimming at the beach and obsessing over her two dogs Chubba and Fenton!

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