Elisa Calcopietro

Elisa Calcopietro

Elisa graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science Speech Pathology. She chose a career in speech pathology as she loves to talk and has a passion for helping children and families so felt it appropriate to help children to communicate the best they can!

Elisa’s bright and bubbly nature facilitates a strong relationship between her clients, families and other health professionals. She believes in working as a team towards common goals to catalyze progress and maximize potential.

Elisa has experience working in schools within classrooms providing support and education to class teachers about children’s developmental norms, and identifying children at risk of developing communication and learning disorders. Elisa strongly believes in the importance of early intervention to ensure that children receive services as early as possible to minimize impact of delay in future.

Elisa works at Oran Park seeing clients of a range of ages. Elisa has an interest in literacy and helping children progress and improve their skills. Elisa is also particularly interested in speech sounds and loves helping children say sounds and words (such as their name) that previously they could not! Elisa loves to see the impact of this success has on the child’s daily life.

On the weekends, Elisa loves discovering new and delicious places to eat, being active and spending time with family and friends.

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